Do you ask yourself how the Sun shines so warm?
Or how flowers swaying in the wind are so bright
How clouds paint pictures without a brush
And rivers and trees make music that is so right

Do you ask yourself how mountains are so high?
Or that scenery is so breathtaking just before night
How bird’s fly and eagles soar with so little effort
And rivers and trees make music that is so right

Do you ask yourself how the sea and sky are so blue?
Or sand on the beach so fine; how fish swim in schools so tight
How waves rise and fall everyday without end
And rivers and trees make music that is so right

Do you ask yourself how the forest is so green?
Or how rain sometimes falls so soft from such height
How moonshine brings feelings of love and romance
And rivers and trees make music that is so right

Do you ask yourself how fruits are so sweet?
Or how snowflakes are perfectly formed and so white
How dreams we dream at times fill us with such joy
And rivers and trees make music that is so right.
Do you?

By now the majority of you have discovered the truth. I have a personality disorder. In me live two very distinctly different human beings. My Kikuyu half is Dr Jekyll and the other half Mr. Hyde. Dr Jekyll is usually in control of this person called Kenyan Kukekamba and as you have surely noticed he is polite, well schooled, well mannered, sensitive to his friends, relatives and even people he has just met.

On the other hand the Mkamba is a loud, abrasive, full of himself, sexually minded flattering Kikuyu basher who thinks with the brain in his small head- (yes… the one between his legs) He is not a bad person but he views life through X-rated spectacles and this at times is quite perturbing.

The Blue poet has gone into hiding not because of Nick or Msanii_xl and other silent members of the mob, but because Dr Jekyll has willed him away.

You are probably asking yourself “what brings out this wicked man from the otherwise tempered Kukekamba?” The truth is that this currently horrible cold weather and a couple of double Famous Grouse usually do the trick. When situations get out of hand, as they have over the last couple of weeks- the drink (when one must be had) of choice becomes Tusker Malt Lager and a more direct route from the office to the house. During these sober moments the Kikuyu in me is at peace with the world and is most creative.


Should the Blue Poet be allowed to rear his head in Blogworld or remain banished?


Prousette said...

My opinion only.
Since the two make up the whole we cannot authorize a divorce as one without the other is half so bring it on....!

mshairi said...

I am completely confused now.

One half of you writes such beautiful, sensitive words while the other half; the 'brash mkamba' makes me laugh out loud - I don't know which I prefer...

The Blue Poet should emerge regularly - he entertains me.

Farmgal said...

I love me both of you.

kipepeo said...

blue!!! why du have to go and make us chose!!!???? I say both stay to crack us up to tears and knock us into reality when needed!!!

Nakeel said...

Because both of them always make my day i vote they remain.. they have a role to play all in all...

Luna said...

im glad youve brought back Dr.Jekyll,hes sweet..But how about some schitzophrenia and let the two co-exist.Bring back the Mkamba!..he made my day!

mS k said...

Of course Blue must be allowed his time out. Otherwise he'll wither and die and a part of you will die with him.

Take it from someone with somewhat of a Hyde in her too. As long as they find a way to co-exist that works for you and those you care about, BRING IT ON!!!

Guessaurus said...

Great great poem by the way Blue - hmm, that gave me room for thought!

Do you think anyone will choose between the two!? Apart from those kamukunji forming kyuk dudes?
We are not voting; its unanimous I dare say - we want both *chanting away to the bemusement of a stray fly*

UARIDI said...

Ukweli is that we are all split personalities. You have recognised the two in you. Nurture both because if you ignore one then you will truly see fireworks.

By the way love the poem and the picture is stunning.

nick said...

hey there:am thinkin about this multiple personality/schizophrenia thing goin on...and maybe u need to give me and milonare a call.

Breathe easy:its a weekedn u can resurface....i've called off my peeps! am not too sure bout msanii but i'm not huntin u down till monday!

poem be deep btw

akiey said...

"And rivers and trees make music that is so right" wonderful what Dr. Jekyll has me wondering about. I really like the poem, very nice.

The two sides need to coexist so when one takes the lead the other plays the background...then they can make blog music that is so right.

Poi said...

I really love the combi...keep the flow on!

Blue Poet said...

Out of 12 people every single person wants both of us.. Thats so confusing.
Waiting for a couple more- but i am wavering on keeping both personalities.

thanx all


Wambui said...

They got to you! Damn! Stop taking those pills. STOP! No voting is taking place. Either the whole or nothing!

akiey5 said...

Am with everybody on here. U know with Kenyans it's either all or nothing. We never do things halfway & am sure both 'yous' know that.

Shiroh said...

I love the poem. I would better have the blue poet on a second thought then what happens to the Mkamba. I want em both

Msanii_XL said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Msanii_XL said...

I say you keep both of them..balance is key. Truce for now..

nice poem btw

Blue Poet said...

Thanx everybody. Its comforting to know that I am appreciated just the way I am. Both of me will try to co-exist from now on.

Thanx Again.

Blue & Kukekamba

Anonymous said...

The Kikuyu Kabma thing is a bit much my jamaa!

Blue Poet said...

Dear Anonymous,

I was wondering when the creeps that you represent would crawl out of the woodwork and hey you haven't disappointed me or anyone else. I would like however to reiterate a few points that appear to have eluded your sorry sense of judgement:

1. This is my Blog and I will blog as I please.

2.I do not write to please you or your 'jamaas'!

3. No one asked you to visit and if you are offended- feel free to go somewhere that pleases you. ( I could give you pointers but you are probably already very much at home there)

Lastly, It appears that you have as much a sense of humour as you do courage. 'Dude'(if i may use a word that I suspect is part of your daily vocabulary)- Show yourself.. let us all visit your post and see what you are made of.

I would advise you to limit your surfing to your 'jamaas' blogs.

Remember- its my blog!!!



kipepeo said...

totally blue! who are these anonymous "jama's" who cant even show face!

LifeMoments said...

The poem reminded me of this:

There's some things I know to be true
Snow is white and the ocean is blue
Rain is wet when it falls from the sky
And the stars come out every night
Just as I'm sure the sun will rise
This love is real you see in my eyes
Plant a seed and it will grow
Some things I know
There's some things in life I need
Water to drink and air to breathe
A place to rest when I need sleep
When I'm hungry food to eat
Sure as I need the Lord above
That's how much I need your love
Like I need shelter from the cold
Some things I know
More and more I realize
How every day you bless my life
There's some things in life I want
A house with a porch and trees out front
Someone to talk to; someone to hold
And walk with as we grow old
And I want all my dreams to come true
And I want them all with you
And I just had to tell you so
Some things I know
I just had to tell you so
Some things I know

totosoft said...

Blue, please stay!
Ok, both of you. Stay.
my take on this.
And yes: telling off anonymous WAS a good thing! "( I could give you pointers but you are probably already very much at home there)" LOL!

The poem? "pure poetry, pure flow" to quote someone or other! Evoked too many feelings, this *sniffling*

gishungwa said...

I want both blu is to me lik the really naughty boy who waits till the folks are out to play so we let him paly.
The poem*sniffs and sighs* was too goos and the pic muuah.
Thou bloggest well