On Sunday I was sitting at Tamasha in Hurlingham having drinks before going out to Athi River to watch the Quatro Charge (Yes I have pictures and will post them shortly). I had just had a haircut at 'Kinuthias Super Cut'. Kinuthia is my barber and has been giving me a haircut for the last 18 years. (He is the only man allowed to touch my hair!) It's as quiet as you would expect for a Sunday morning. There is music playing and a number of early risers, together with a few patrons who look like they didn't get home the previous night, are cuddling steaming bowls of soup in an attempt to keep warm.

I have been kept waiting for over an hour by my good friend Willy- who by the way is never on time. We had planned the night before that we would do a 'Koroga' at the charge. I had risen good and early; proceeded straight to Nakumatt bought some chicken and other ingredients as per our agreement ;I then let Kinuthia do what he does best on my head.

Then some dumb DJ plays a song that meant so much to me many many years ago. He plays Cat Stevens 'Father and Son' but redone with -Ronan Keating of Boyzone. Its not as good as the original but the lyrics are the same. I look around me and realize how old I actually am! A forty one year old man sitting at a bar, surrounded by people close enough to his eldest daughters age, waiting for an equally old friend who is probably having problems getting out of bed because of his joints.

Here is the song:

Father and Son

It's not time to make a change
Just relax, take it easy
You're still young, that's not your fault
There's so much you have to know
Find a girl, settle down
If you want you can marry
Look at me, I am old, but I'm happy

I was once like you are now
And I know that it's not easy
To be calm when you've found
Something going on
But take your time, think a lot
Think of everything you've got
For you will still be here tomorrow
But your dreams may not

How can I try to explain?
When I do he turns away again
It's always been the same, same old story
From the moment I could talk
I was ordered to listen
Now there's a way
And I know that I have to go away
I know I have to go

It's not time to make a change
Just sit down, take it slowly
You're still young, that's not your fault
There's so much you have to go through
Find a girl, settle down
If you want you can marry
Look at me, I am old, but I'm happy

All the times that I've cried
Keeping all the things I knew inside
It's hard, but it's harder to ignore it
If they were right I'd agree
But it's them they know, not me
Now there's a way
And I know that I have to go away
I know I have to go

Original Song by Cat Stevens (Yussuf Islam)- Tea for the Tillerman

Now I feel OLD.

Any attempts to refer to me as Blog Grandad or Papa Blue will be met with fury and I shall not be held responsible for my actions thereafter! ( Nick read this as a promise not a threat!)


Mshairi said...

Whatever happened to the adage 'life begins at 40'? It seems over 40s are complaining about old age wherever I go these days:)

p.s. what is Koroga and Quatro Charge?

Prousette said...

*whispering* will Daddy Blue do? I notice that this is not one of the unwanted choices.
Ditto Mshairi what is Koroga?

Farmgal said...

you just put that idea of calling you papa blue in ma head. pole but you only got you to blame papa!

I'm sure forty aint that bad..

kipepeo said...

40 is sooo the the new 20...just with that splash of new and improved wisdom!! why did you go and put name ideas into all our heads by the way?

Jay said...

Heh heh talk about unintentional sabotage. You do realise that we will all call you Papa Blue after today?!

And I feel you on growing old. I was at a club this weekend where I can almost swear I was the old human! *shivers* Not a nice feeling!

And @Mshairi, Prousette
Koroga is an male invention that Blue should explain himself. Altho I will say, its not half bad! Esp pre or post hangover!

Guessaurus said...

Yes *Blue - what is Koroga?
I refrain from using any of the self-sabotaged names but be aware that I am thinking them *wink*

And hey, being 40 is a good thing - at least that is what I have heard..

But please please, do not go quoting Boyzone (even if it's by association) at any rate on this extra fine blog!

wanduma said...

@kipepeo - ati 40 is the new 20!! Nice.
I'm with everyone, hebu explain Koroga and Quatro Charge

Msanii_XL said...

since timezone,location and your own inability to attempt any harm thru telekinesis..whats up gramps?..lol I jest, i kidd then i jest again..

Quatro charge

akiey5 said...

Blue, you're hilarious as always:) Am with Prousette on 40 being the new 20, reason: I have two very good friends I talk to every week. They aren't a couple & live in diff countires.
-The guy's 66 from the Carib & the lady's 64 from Canada. They live life to the fullest: travel around the world, have a blog each, have 2-3 active photo sites, read voraciously, reply ALL emails & phone calls, are insomniacs(yes! am not alone), they are funny as h*ll, see no problem stating their age, love their kids & grandkids, the guys is just lerning Photoshop, the lady's just learning Spanish...need I go on?
-They make me feel like such a toddler. So you ain't no old Blue, life does start at 40, "mazee, Blue wewe, bado ni ki-junior"
-Yep, Koroga ni....?

Poi said...

I love that you are living it at 40, u got good, and they say u start living at 40, so u are doing it right I bet!

The song is really nice...
Ditto every1 who is in pursuit of finding out what q-charge and koroga means?

Farmgal said...

ati 40 is the new 20 lol what colour is that in the fashion industry? hehehe you guys tickle me vibaya sometimes

Jay said...

Eh hiyo ni picha yako??

Blue Poet said...

Papa Blue says:

Thank you all for making me feel younger. The real truth is that life actually begins at 40- Trust me! I have been having an absolute ball over the last two years. What I was writting about was a feeling that people get every once in a while irrespective of whether one is 18 28 38 41 years old. There are those days that you just feel tired...

@ Mshairi- Thanx- it truly does begin here.
@Prousette-Anyone calls me any of those names- I'll have their head!
@Farmgal- I kind of like Papa Blue- but only I can call myself that!
@Kipepeo- you are right girl- both ages represent a change 20's - independence, adventure and living life knowing life is for living.
40's- (hopefully!) knowledge,wisdom,experience and living life knowing the clocks a-ticking.
@Ms K - You cant call me Papa Blue!
@Guess- My apologies, Boyzone is definately not my type of crap. You heard right forty is GOOD!
@Wanduma- Hey bro quit laughing! Remember I KNOW you are just round the corner.. hehhehee!
@Msanii- Beware Beware!!!
@Akiey5- Now you make me feel 12 talking about those sixty year olds. BTW- where would they be on my barometer??
@Poi- Thanx- believe me- Im living it!
@ MsK- not my pic.. it just reflected my mood then.

@ NICK- Looks like you know whats good for you... you havent commented!!! Keep it that way.

@All- Will post something on the origins of Koroga and the Quatro Charge today.


akiey said...

Blue, those 60+ yr old friends inspire me to keep working towards my dreams. They would be a good 8 on your barometer..more open minded than most of us "know it all" young'uns.

nick said...

Damn Damn Damn i dont believe i didnt see this post...so u said gramps and papa-blog are out! but as Ms K said not I-papa blue has a nice ring to it like papa smurf.
am quite saddened honestly by missing out on this post.
-what makes u feel old?
*the fact u wrote out the song from ur head without cut/copy?
*that u've had a barber for 18yrs and that u have a seat and hair cut named after you?

u know am kidding right-my guess your as old at heart like we all are-just a bit more experienced

Blue Poet said...

@ NICK- See latest post.

iamnasra said...

Wow this amazing I like the song where Yousif Islam sings the song I never new where it was sourced but here we are learning something new