The escarpement and other places


The escarpement and other places

The Stain of Loving

Bittersweet has always been the taste of love
The ache and the glow are equal partners
Love ought to be measured by the good feelings rather than by the hurt.

Love is related to hurt and they spend a lot of time together
It is said that while Love is the stronger of the two
Pain is never far off, forever within earshot
It will manifest itself in jealousy falsehoods and mistrust

Love is like that overripe fruit dripping with sweetness
That no matter how hard you try it will drip from the corners of your mouth
And soil the new shirt you wear; leaving the stain.

Armed with experiences of other people we forge ahead in life
Looking for love…. Mostly in the wrong places
When found it holds promise but still proves elusive to tame
Hurting ourselves is a lesson that teaches us that love is the healer

In attempting to harness the glow ; it will suffocate
Transferring its life energy to the cousin making it
Grow stronger, weaving a shield around your heart.

Take courage, bite into the fruit with wild abandon
Celebrate the sweetness with the knowledge
That the fabric of life is a collection that cannot be complete
Without a little stain of loving. A little stain of pain.


Between Cliff and Truck

My job requires that I travel our beautiful country quite a bit. I want to relate an encounter that I had last week on my way to Isebania along the Kenya- Tanzania border. I am still thoroughly freaked out. Here goes.....

Sunday 12 noon or thereabouts. The weather is warm and I have just left Nairobi. I am headed towards Narok on the old Nairobi Nakuru road that weaves through the escarpment. The view is always breathtaking even though I drive down this road at least once a month.

My sunroof is open and I am singing along to Bob Marleys' Redemption Songs on an i-pod that I borrowed(stole?) from my daughter. My Toyota is doing a comfortable 60kph round the bends and the oncoming traffic is light. I roll my window and light a Sportsman...and sing "emancipate yourself from mental slavery.." From my seat I can see the floor of the Rift Valley, probably about a kilometre down the steep cliff. Such awesome scenery. The bends straighten out and before me there is about 50o metres of straight downhill descent. In the distance a truck carrying a container is labouring up the hill. A red passenger vehicle overtakes the truck I gauge the distance and my speed and decide there is no cause for alarm. The red car is "nokia 3310".. Thats what Mitsubishi VRG are refered to as because they are so common. The car is moving quite fast and and all of a sudden from corner of my eye I catch a glimpse of an eagle diving tords the tarmack. It picks something from the road and pulls upwards. The timing is slightly off and the red Nokia almost hits the eagle. The large bird seems to be moving backwards as it smashes into my side mirror. Blood and some sort of liquid are thrown into my open window. something lands writhing in my lap!! I slam my foot on the brake ... in the split second I realise there is the cliff on my left a truck to my right. I look at my lap and find a snake!!!
In a nanosecond I am out of the car, leaving it in the middle of the road and perched on a rock with my heart trying to break out of my ribcage.
I had left my cigarettes in the car and was shaking all over. After a couple of minutes I gather enough courage to get my car off the road. I approach it cautiously, not sure where the snake is.
To my suprise I find half a snake, tail side to be exact, lying at my front tyre. Still shaking I move my car off the road and open all four doors. I proceed to search the car for a whole hour before I am convinced that the other part of the snake is not inside.

Please note that the pictures at the escarpment were taken on the return journey.. there is no way I could have held the camera in a steady manner.





Anybody out there who can help me post some photos on my blog.