Sensuality Barometer By The Blue Poet

My brother read my post ‘For the Kamba in Me’ and I think he was horrified. I can picture him reading my post and muttering to himself,” Big bro has lost his marbles! “ Well l have not lost them, at least not all of them- yet. He then coined a name for me- The Blue Poet. That I like - somewhat because the colour blue is a nice colour and brings to mind many things (and yes pornography is one of them).

To more serious matters now. I put a tag at the end of the poem but in hindsight I feel I should have used the word Sensuality instead of Sexuality. Sexuality refers to (in the context of my post) the concern with or interest in sexual activity. What I had in mind was the quality or state of being sensual. I was more interested in seeing how my fellow bloggers reacted to stimulation (yes sexual!)

I will now proceed to rate all of you who visited my blog on a scale of 2 to 12 (don't ask why 2 instead of 1.) I know you will all hate me but the truth must be told…. And here it is for the world to see! Sorry folks. There is a lot of room for improvement!!!!

As I am the poet and the author of the poem I award myself --- 10 points

Nick and Guess tie for second place with ---- 8 points

Medusa and Farmgal are a close third with --- 7 ½ points

Kipepeo comes in a close fourth with ----- 7 points

Prousette, Wanduma, Shiro and Mshairi get ----- 6 points

Msanii_xl ------ 2.85 points

Aikey---------------------------------------6.86 points
Ms K----------------------------------------8.01 points

Bloggers who visited and didn’t comment were awarded ------ 2 points

Key: White – not sensual ------------- 2 points
Green- Timid/shy ------------- 3 points
Purple- Interested -------------- 5-6 points
Blue - Warming up ------------ 7-8 points
Yellow – Steaming up ------------- 9- 9 1/2
Red- Kambas and French -------- 10-12 points

Ratings are continuous so please log on for the latest. Feel free to comment and improve you rating!!!!

Kudos to my blog friend Nick for showing me the way to easily post photos. Thanx Nick ehhh...Sorry for your rating!!!


For the Kamba in Me

Mellow music dancing rubbing
Cuddling romance perfume cologne mingling
Holding talking laughing smiling teasing
Arousing slow tempting snuggling touching fondling
Shoes shirts buttons zips belts discard
Flesh body touching soft hair chest fingers

Sharp fast
Quick excited breaths
Pounding racing leaping heart
Hands here there everywhere
Wet hot mouths moving roaming searching
Kissing licking nibbling famished ravenous

Breasts full taut pointing wanting inviting
Sensitive fingers caressing kneading hands
Sweet heavenly sensation higher rising higher
Needing wanting longing waiting sweating
Pleasing gratifying stirring

Hard firm solid intense strong powerful throbbing sweet agonizing
Thrusting plunging deep rising shallow rhythmic regular
Anticipation expectation hope holding off eager wait
Words terms endearment baby please faster stop almost
There good nice again together more unified don't stop that’s it

Bursting pleasure building release swinging arching tension
Warm… glowing colours … slow pure…circles
Pulsating joy, which is limitless in peace quiet moments
Waves on the beach…. tranquil sea rising and falling
Feathers ever so soft flying floating in the air
Nerves full of feeling tingling falling
Laughter suppressed calmness settling
Smiles thoughts memories
Tender dreams

I was tempted to write this in celebration of an act that is held dear by most people. Some of you may think it is crude, unfit for publication or downright degrading. I feel that the way you react to it will be a true reflection of your sexuality or lack of.


what drives the poem

For me poetry is about feeling. It’s about those issues that I grapple with everyday. Some of the things that inspire me maybe as simple as a song that I used to listen to way back or may be triggered by someone’s name or a smile. What’s hardest is when this happens and I am driving in traffic and I can’t stop because I will be late for work and words keep pounding in my head. Or in the middle of the night when I cant summon the energy to get out of bed and do some writing. I feel bad in the morning when I can only grasp shreds of some profound feeling that I had in the wee hours. I keep telling myself that I must by one of those Dictaphone thingamajigs but I have never gotten round to doing so. This would be cool so that when I get to where I am going or become full awake, I can just rewind and put all the sentences together and hope that I can make sense of the confusion.

Recently one of the people who reads my poetry (and I am flattered by all of you who think that I write half decently) asked me why they were all so sad. Then I didn’t have an answer but I have been thinking about this for the last couple of weeks and I think I now have a somewhat wholesome answer.

Up to two three years ago I never wrote anything and never read poetry. Since I started reading I have become amazed at what is out there (here)! Not from the famous poets but from ordinary people living ordinary lives that I can relate to. The amount of talent that is out there is unbelievable. Everyday I am blown away by what my fellow Kenyans feel and how well they put it across. I honestly feel that they have inspired me most. Most of what I read (and really feel) and what I write is based on human emotions. It is therefore correct to say that I am most at ease writing about what I am feeling or have felt. Since most of my poems are sad doesn’t mean that I am sad person. Far from that it- I am one of the happiest fun loving people that I know!! That said, I feel that in terms of memory- sorrow, hurt and pain are the ones remembered longest. Good times come and go, as do sad moments but sorrow is so much deeper and lasts so much longer. We feel it more.

When your relationship is on the brink and you are about to break up with a companion it is the hurt that drives you. Even if you’ve spent years together the happy times will always pale next to the sad ones. I think this is because human beings are sensitive to each other more than to anything else.

As long as we continue to live people will always write about sadness- maybe as an act of trying to warn others of lifes challenges and to pass on the knowledge that no situation is permanent. The knowledge that the sun will always rise tomorrow and there is always hope for joy and laughter no matter how shortlived.

I promised myself that I would try a little harder to write about the things that make me smile everyday and those that make go to bed with a warm feeling every night.