What is 'KOROGA'?

Pradeep (read that with an Indian accent, bobbing and swaying head on neck without moving the neck) a longtime friend and his family invited me for my first Koroga and I immediately fell in love. (With the Koroga- not with Pradeep!) This is how it happened.

I was struggling with rebuilding a car I had just bought and was terribly upset when I drove into my mechanics ‘workshop’ in South ‘C’. Wahome, the owner of the shop welcomed me with this statement:
“Pore sana ndugu yagu lakini Krangasaft hii ramiza uperekee muhidi.”

As it was about noon and I knew most engineering workshops close at 1 o’clock I quickly called Pradeep and asked him not to close- I lied to him that I was caught up in traffic. He agreed and I headed straight out to Baricho road.
On arrival I found the whole family, Pradeep,Sundeep and the dad-Grudeep Shah. ( I know the names the names sound funny but I assure you- they are real people. The workshops heavy steel doors were closed and they were all visibly annoyed at me for delaying them.

“Rafiki.. shauri gani veve nafanya sisi na ngoja zaidi?” Daddy Grudeep asked with the bobbing of the head.

“Ni shauri ya traffic mzee.” That bobbing always amused me and I caught myself just in time before I started imitating him. Grudeep was a happy old man, he was always smiling and liked to refer to himself as a kikuyu muindi.He instructed me to leave my crankshaft with Mutiso and come to collect on Monday morning.
“Shauri veve nachelewa veve naenda Koroga na sisi nei?” This was posed as a question but I had known him too many years to mistake it for that.

I parked my car, jumped into the back seat and made myself comfortable in their van. As Pradeep drove through the Nairobi streets he turned up the volume of stereo and ‘hindi’ music erupted through the speakers. I pretended to enjoy the music.

Our first stop was South ‘B’ where we purchased 2 kienyeji chicken. The Shah’s were regulars here it appeared, because the chicken were quickly slaughtered, halved, quartered, cubed and packed in two plastic bags all in under 10 minutes!

I had thought we were going very far but we crossed Mombassa road and went to Kenya Motor Sports Club. We had barely sat down when a couple of waiters descended on our Makuti banda delivering a jiko a wok, butter and an assortment of dried spices.

Grudeep put the wok on the jiko and a slab of butter (yes the WHOLE 250grammes) followed. The onions were thrown in when the butter had heated up and fried until they were crispy brown. Next he threw in the tomatoes- already cut up and mixed spices to the already heavenly smelling concoction. As Grudeep threw in the chicken pieces he explained why it was important to use ‘road runner chicken’ and not broilers. He said broilers are too soft and cook to fast. The aim of the Koroga is to spend time together tell jokes politick and just enjoy a drink and the outdoors. More onions went in and more spice and yes- a lot more chillies!! Water was added when it started sticking to the bottom and at intervals Pradeep Grudeep and Sundeep would take turns at stirring (or korogaring) the mix. Stir (Koroga) -add water- taste- Stir (Koroga)- add water- Stir- taste- add water – Koroga. After a couple of hours of this and low heat you obtain a delightful chicken Koroga. Served with bread or roti or ugali it is splendid.

That my friends is Koroga.


I am waiting for pictures of the Quatro Charge from a friend so I can show all of you in pictures. But in short: The Quatro Charge is an annual event where big boys and recently big girls come to participate in an obstacle challenge for 4x4 vehicles in some very ungodly terrain. The challenge is a bit like the Rhino Charge without the distances and less rigorous and shorter obstacles. Some of the obstacles are man made others are natural-eg river crossings steep inclines and so forth. It is a spectator event, which is family friendly. Many serious charge fanatics use this to gauge the performance of their vehicles before the Rhino Charge.Spectators can try attempt the challenge- although it is advisable not to use you office to work car for this. Rob Collinge of Robs Magic suspensions was the organizer.

More to follow.


akiey said...

Hey Blue, makofi for schooling us on these 2 phenoms!! That Koroga I have to taste. Look you up when I come to Nbi. I like how it has loads of spices & cooks slowly.
Pradeep,Sundeep and the dad-Grudeep sound like Sikhs, are they? I know of several Sikh families in Msa that repaired crankshaft's with rocket accuracy,lol!
Quattro Charge sounds like fun & yep keep your personal car out of it.

Mshairi said...

That koroga recipe looks simple enough even for 'kurutus' like me:)

wanduma said...

Thanks! Well told! Now the only problem is that it killed those of us missing the taste of real chickens - 'road runners'! So I am a little bitter. And the Quatro charge sounds like something I would like to get into.

nick said...

Now me and asians get alongin chilli! oh yes(flickin head and wrist) i have an asian pal-who's grandpa's chilli is feared by the entire family until i went over...they had a new son!!!!as i chowed down and asked for more.
uuuuiiiii-NICK LOVES CHILLI!!!!

anyway,back to the topic Olden Golden ya age aren't u worried about the cholesteral?this is just a low blow for the previous post i commented in late)entire slab of butter/quatro charge...please treat ur health well-think of them rusty clickety joints... We Care Pops!(sniff) Who would be our compass? We NEED COMPASS! We NEED COMPASS!
every1 is petitioned to request POPS to rest!! Let the blogger fka young REST!

Poi said...

Wow! an applaude for u blue poet!So we finally know what Koroga means. Those name u doubt they r too hilarious, extreme...

The Quatro charge sounds like some good fun so am waiting to see those pics but what do u mean by 'recently big girls?'

Well informative post!THANKS!

Jay said...

Ah man, now I'm hungry! Maze the first time I ate koroga, I had to carry take away! And then I ate pole pole for like three days! Yum yum!! Have to call Sudhir!

AfroFeminista said...

Totally unrelated comment:
Have just caught up on my dose of your writing - it's wonderful, so heartfelt. There's something about writing with such candour that is so amazing.

I even got myself to read through your 'sensuality/sexuality' poem...ahem! I actually thought it was beautiful (and I don't give such accolades easily):)

and tell us more about the Kwani launch...

Blue Poet said...

@ Akiey- You are most Welcome. Tell you the truth have a number of asian friends but I can never differentiate b/w sikhs punjabis shahs etc etc. Some of them are even more African than some Luo, Kikuyu and Kamba friends.
@Mshairi- Simple and delicious! Dont be modest-I am sure you make a mean mukimo!!!
@wanduma- True That!!
@Ms K- Tell us more about Sudhir*wink(x2)
@Afro- Thank you so much for visiting. If you leave a comment on the Barometer post- you get a free rating! Thanx.

@NICK--- As everyone can see you actually sound like you are spoiling for a FIGHT! As you contemplate whether you are man enough to take me on- keep this in mind:
- I may be old but aint spent.
-When I am through with you youll never need a dentist(hahahahha!!).
- I hear rumours that you are offended/jealous that I have some fine ladies that are visiting my blog-Please confirm this?
-I am about to release that expose on you! Tell people the truth and trash the lies that you had Guess make up about you- need I go on?

Ready for a WAR!!!
Bring it on!!!

Papa Blue

kipepeo said...

@ nickyboo...ur hilarious. how can u look for a fight like that!
@papa blue...almost feel like calling you papa smurf! can i call you smurfy? my dad owned a garage in industrial area and i went for those korogas a few times. Not nice ones sijui in the outdoors...these ones were hardcore inside the garage among all the car shells, grease and paint fumes, but it was delish!!!

Prousette said...

Thanks blue for the recipe I have had an indoor experience with one and it is HOT!!

@nick sasa hii ni nini you do not even want us to learn how to eat/ cook new things. Need a ref you and Bluepops?

bankelele said...

I have seen "Koroga" at golf courses and member clubs. They set up a jiko in the shade, and away from other patrons. They do their own cooking, stirring the pot in turns, while they chat and consume ernomous amounts of brew.

Guessaurus said...

I havent had a Koroga, but it sounds like something I would enjoy - and outdoors. Thanks for the recipe and also the info on Quattro Charge.

*Clapping happily* - we have another blog war - with the unsurpussable Nicholas in the firing line. Dude, did I not just ask you to leave Blue alone, what is this? Jealous that your Mistress is visiting a Poet's abode?
Well, you are on your own on this one, but I will be cheering the winner :)

nick said...

Officially we have Blog War II!!!!!

1. I act oout of concern for a brada and this is what i get for showing concern!!!???

2. Heard a rumor!!! Am surprised you can hear in the first place, let alone read!

3. Jealous ati off ur female fan base. The great NICK(thumping chest) doesnt do jealousy....and thats quite outrageous maybe ur the one who's insecure...would u like to put this to the test. cause i'm not gonna ask the ladies whom they love more-I'M CONFIDENT!! u have the guts to?!?! ebu tuone kama wewe ni ndume!!!

@prousette,kipepeo,guess:all's fair in love and war!!!

Farmgal said...

thumping chest oooooooh its on now!

papa blue hebu koroga nick kidogo
BTW who's side am I on?

Guessaurus said...

Oh oh, its on ladies and gentlemen - and I have ringside seats. I cant be on either the jury/prosecution side because I have vested interests in one of the aggreived parties - so I shall be selling the tickets.

Bring it on!

nick said...

@farmgal:hey u better start choosing sides. its gonna get ugly on the ringside! i'll need someone to mop my sweat and am sure Blue will need someone to readjust his dentures!!!! chaguo ni lako...
@guess:wink wink!!!

Mshairi said...

@ Nick - you know I am on your side (as always) nephew and we shall win this one just as we won the one with MJY:)

UARIDI said...

Thanks for the koroga, unfortunate me I cannot get road-runners. Have to wait till 'm back home.

Do you know what a chokombosoba is?

Luna said...

that recipe sound tooo timam!....have to try find of those korogas to gatecrash on when I get home...
-and to the blog war..start it Mortal Kombat style..-FIGHT! pole nick, got the bets on Blue -FINISH HIM!