Taking a Deep Breath and Focusing…..

I have been away from blogsphere for 8 months now. I have honestly missed this world where, with the exception of a few knuckle-heads(Nick&Co.), most of the contributors are level headed, well read, well spoken and others truly beautiful (Mshairi, Guess, Uaridi, Farmgal, Kipepeo, MsK, Gishungwa… and all the other fine ladies)

Nick had you all thinking that I stopped posting because of him. The ‘Kijana’ has a serious problem in over rating his effects on people. I recently expressed to him the need to spend less time in front of the mirror combing his afro and contemplating the degree of curve on his nose- but to concentrate on his career and find a partner that he can share his life with. I told him that his continued infatuation with Spiderman and Michael Jackson are not doing much for his image. At this point in time, I would find it very difficult to leave my nephews alone with Nick!

There is a good reason as to why I took an 8 months break.


In October last year I visited Irena’s site. She was the first to do audio posts and was blown away. I decided right then that I wanted to do something different- an audio post. I consulted with my nemesis- none other than NICK and my brother Wanduma. Wanduma being a fan of Rocketboom said that we should use that template but gear it for a Kenyan audience. Nick was excited and encouraged me. He has been a source of constant inspiration and a good ambassador for this cause.

My brother and I brought together three other investors and bought production and editing equipment. We employed a cameraman an editor a presenter and research assistant. We started collecting material in November and presented our demo to a team of bloggers that were in Kenya in December. The bloggers were extremely helpful and their input allowed us to tweak our pieces and production direction. We set up our website in January this year and have been on line since. Even though Nick is unable to view anything we put up ( He lacks broadband like the majority of us here in Kenya, he still goes out of his way to direct people to the site.

The site has proved successful beyond my wildest dreams and we are now moving into phase II. In this phase we are seeking out advertisers and partners to ensure the long term survival of the site. Our aim is to provide Kenyans everywhere with a glimpse of home- what’s happening who’s doing what etc.

I did not intend for this post to be a promotion for the site but it has turned out to be exactly that.

If you haven’t already, please visit

P.S I am really back!!




Blue Poet said...

I have asked Nicko to help me script my pieces on Wangu,Nyakundi,Omondi into a small production that I can put up on the site. Any help from any quarter will be greatly appreciated.


nick said...

1.i shall help u in any way possible just cause im a media fan...

2. boy oh boy...mzee oh mzee u have initaiated war again....kwanza i know that the main reason u disappeared was cause i annihilated u and mshairi left u at alter we shall bring that all back

otherwise uncle blue great to have u back tho it will be for a very short time

how's the prosthetic hip????? said...

Welcome back to blogging. It is good to have you back.

Well done with KenyaMoto. It is brilliant to see your perseverance being rewarded. Good luck with the next stage.

Guessaurus said...

Nick and his constant need to annihilate you - what happened with you two? LOL@not leaving his nephews with him - I thought he was only good for biting cheeks (ha ahahahahahahaha)

Nice to have you back Uncle Blue - bring it on.

Off to Kenyamoto - see you soon..

Milonare said...


Great to have you back Blue!!!!

Missed the wars with Nick and Wangu of the Mugumo tree!

Hope you're back to stay this time!!!


Msanii_XL said...

Nice to have you back old man blue...

Kenyamoto= GREAT!!

kipepeo said...

papa smurf!! its soooo sooo great that your back. you and ur team are doing such an amazing job and in my own little way im waving the kenyamoto flag all the way up here in the snow and people seem to love it!! It's even greater when someone you hadn't told tells you bout this "cool new site" called kenyamoto and that you should see it!! hehe!! good luck with the next phase!! you know us youngin's have your back like a spine!! lol!!

gishungwa said...

kabisa i feel you . Did i ever sya good job with kenyamoto, now i haev said it. About the sctipting think nicky is a good place to begin from. Again welcome back.

Kabinti said...

I've been on your site like a fly on dung. It's a great site plus for those of us out of Kenya it helps a lot in giving a piece of home visually. Especially Maich he jazzes me sana and him presenting the news in sheng' is not only interesting but also a breath of fresh air. Keep it up!

dangerously_shy said...

Newbie here, wanted to say just how much I love kenyamoto, my favourite bit being the tribute to E-Sir (RIP) it was an amazing and deeply moving tribute..keep up the good work!!

Ps - Have you ever met Aiden Hartley? he is a reporter that lives in Kenya but produces documentaries that are shown in the UK.

Anyway welcome back!

Jay said...

Wooooooo wooooooooo OMG I cannot believe you're back!!

Karibu sana. That Nick is just trying to keep us apart, not sending you an invite the nerve!!!

Karibi sana.

Me I have been to Kenyamote a few times but never been able to log in or register or whatever. I just know it kicks me out err'time. Si you sort a sista out!!!

BTW can anyone tell me why there's a wheelchair sign next to the verification nini?

Mshairi said...

Welcome back, Blue. KenyaMoto is excellent - wishing you all the best as you enter phase II

akiey said...

Blue is back & in style! Stay around & take roll call everytime the rest of us take a break bcoz you've already used up all your hiatus priveleges...for a good cause though.

NB: You're actually the only honest KBW about Irena being the earliest audioblogger on KBW. Most times many of us in here overlook or downplay fellow bloggers' initiatives...too much siasa mbaya if I may say.

More success with kenyamoto & unless you kick me out you know I'll keep visiting & commenting every time...yeah, everybody should actually login to fully explorethe many good things going on in there.

M said...

About damn time you got back online!!!!

Welcome welcome!

UARIDI said...

Welcome back Mr Blue Poet. Have missed your posts.

Well done on KenyaMoto. Looks interesting