Anger Management and My Place of Peace

In the lull of my fake battles
Tears of laughter changing into tears shame
As I see bloggers clawing at each other
Throwing care into the eye of storm

Her space violated
Her words knotted in hurt; sweet words into poison
Emotionally emptying – openly?
Anger!!!!!! Seething anger

Pain and misery rolled into a post
To orchestrate such fury would be hard

His respect in question
His words defiantly confident; perceptive words into daggers
Systematically querying – smugly?
Denial!!!! Composed denial

Shifting the onus of proof into a post
To admit to such a charge would be folly

Sides are chosen by the spectators

She said- being one
He said -being the other
The fence is wide for many are astride as
Others jump off to either side

Been away a while, a short while
To find my place of peace
Strewn with anger and bloated with rage
Clueless as to how it all began

All I want is my place of peace.


Guessaurus said...

Wow a poem from you - Thank you. It is beautiful.

Awww Blue, when you put it like that.. makes me feel sad.

Can I sit with you in your place of peace?

Sammie said...

Hi there. Now, as you can see, this place has grown, and in growth, there has to be some teething problems as the reality of blogging in a community hits the place.

Sparks have and will continue to fly, as people vent and rave. Its just sad that it had to involve two very respectable bloggers.

The truth is out there.

Nakeel said...

Hope you find the place of your peace and I will be your KK guard no entrance and unnecessary disturbances when am at the gate.. I will keep them off

Mocha! said...

lol....what a timam poem!

many of us are asking for the same. I hope this issue is solved and fast.

kipepeo said...

great words papa smurf...

Jay said...

Poem!! I want more Blue.

I'm really hoping this can all be sorted out soon, altho I'm fresh out of ideas on how that can be done. The prospect of having new allegations every week is disturbing.

And yes that fence is so wide its a side by itself

Prousette said...

Salut papa t'etais ou?
You see the things that happens when the likes of you take off for a very long while.

Missed you around here.

Medusa said...

So good to have you back...
..ahh, peace..

gishungwa said...

Its sad that it has come to this. Nice poem though am with Guess can i come to the palce of peace

UARIDI said...

You see how much you have deprived us of your company?

Farmgal said...

Nice one blue

Blue Poet said...

Thank you Ladies & Sammie,

@Nick- Look at all these lovely ladies on my blog... I love them all!!! Jealous???
I am sure there are more coming.
@Ladies- I have truly missed being here. I spent many nights waiting/anticipating my come back.
All of you have been a part of my place of peace and I thank you.

Let us all work towards rebuilding our past strengths; accepting each other.. sensitive to feelings in the attempt to create an all encompassing community of friends.
The reason I wrote this piece was not to take sides but to show the importance of each bloggers feeling, point of view and place in our community.
I have extended a peace pact on Pois comments and wish it is taken up.


dangerously_shy said...

Yes theres more coming tee hee!!

Finally a voice of reason!! I love the poem vile its expressed what alot of us are feeling, seeing as we are caught between two warring bloggers that we think so highly of so i hope Poi takes you up on your offer and things settle down!! in the meantime, im setting up here in this ka-oasis/refugee camp (woi wont someone please think about the chirren!!).

nick said...

boy oh boy you are sure pullin them in...the kamba juju must be workin..lets see how long it lasts ati creating a false sense of security to lul them into ur arms...i must admit i like ur style!

Poi said...

Thanks for your comment on mine Uncle Blue, I didn't know you were back but it sure is a pleasure to have you back :)

Keep well!

Acolyte said...

Things seem to be simmering down on the battle ground.I wonder what's going to hit us next?