Forever is here already

Repeat to me my dear how much love you have for me
Tell me again and again why I feel like this for you
I hear you telling me to listen to your heart
Beating so reliably regular strong as my will

Raise this spirit mine from those depths of doubt
and shine your flashlight into the dark chasms
Hold my hand, my love; guide me to a better place
Secure and far from those lying, prying eyes

Waver not for I feel your strength in my weakness
And I will lend you support for your every thought
A helping hand to feel our way in the night
Casting away those against this tender, powerful feeling
Together we must walk this course
Leaning on each other and nudging the other on
Looking back only for memories sake
Swiftly moving onward committed to happiness;bliss

Long has been the path crisscrossing many lives
In search of one that feels like you do or I do
Alone neither you nor I can find what is lost in time
The mating of searching souls now tired wary

I have waited forever for a love so pure so right
Finally my dreams and hopes are fulfilled
Smiles splashing my face feeling knowing
That forever is here already.


UARIDI said...

Nice one Blue - also nice one you left on wife-to-be's blog. (No I am not going there!!)

iamnasra said...

been awhile since I visited that was nice photo complimented with beautiful words

Luna said...

lovely poem :-)

Nakeel said...

If i call it lovely it will be too light if i call it Awesome i guess it will be heavier..
This is soo nice Blue like the pics tooo

nick said...

enyewe those pics are really nice and i can see the earlier blue i knew shining thru in this poem...hmmh i can see u 2 living happily ever after Mr&Mrs Mshairi!

Guessaurus said...

love love this Blue - even your nephew is loving you again. Hmmm...
Speaks louder than words.
Lovely pictures too! Nice

Mshairi said...

Great poem, Blue. I love the images too - I have always had something about the sea. Glad to see your poetic, sensitive side after so long.

Lol @ Nick - 'Mr & Mrs Mshairi':)

Mshairi said...

Uaridi - I know where you live:)

Milonare said...

Nice Blue. Very touching!!! I like...

LOL like Mshairi on Nick's comment...

U haven't been showing Mshairi your poetic, sensitive side?? Blue my guy - itzofhau???

Prousette said...

I think it will be Mr and Mrs Blue.
And lovely how come I do not know anyone in my circle who can write me poems like that?

Blue Poet said...

@ Uaridi- Thanx my dear.
@Iamnasra- Thank you I love those pics too.
@Luna- thanx
@Nakeel- I thank you
@Nick- Where I come from WE keep our name! Mr and Mrs Blue... if your aunt so wishes Mrs..Mshairi-Blue. GET IT RIGHT Nick!
@guess- Thin line between love &....
When I think of you- I think poetry. Nick brings out some not so peaceful thoughts! But I accept him- hes part of your family.
@ Milo- am a man of many faces dont you agree?
@ Prousette- Yeah- Mr and Mrs ME! Thanx

UARIDI said...

Mshairi, I was just being polite!!!

kipepeo said...

very nice blue!!! love the pics and my favorite..."that forever is already here"....speechless!!

LifeMoments said...


kabinti said...

wow you had me in tears!!!!!!!