Time to Bury our Dead

Well well. This war has now been going on for a week. Spidey has managed to get himself an escort/mascot/teammate.(Lets hear it for Spidey- Wuff,Wuff!!) To tell you the truth- they are formidable opponents his new found ally has struck me a blow that I am still reeling from. I swear I didn't see it coming, he came out of nowhere and hit me below the belt--OUCHHH!. My intelligence sources tell me that that's only the beginning... Heck they could be coming from outer space for all I know.There's plenty to follow. At first I convinced that I was fighting Nick all by himself but friends of his are crawling from the wood work and fear that I shall soon be out numbered. I need time to regroup and find myself some allies.

I am new at this bloc war thing an I can see I have a lot to learn. Allegiances that were formed before my time are coming to the surface. Nick is a good fighter and he has me a dose of my own medicine. But you can relate to my confusion in this whole affair- I mean look at him: he's barely out of web diapers( but he sure packs a mean punch.) I have no intention of continuing this war single handedly. I have therefore sent an emissary to him requesting for ceasefire.. To allow us count our loses and to bury our dead. Seeing from Mshairis(I know she is biased because Nick is her nephew) scorekeeping that we are even at one all- I think this is a good a time as any to halt the war.

I had a look at what his beautiful Guess could do - and if she is on his side- then I have to seriously take stock of my situation. I may be old but I am no weakling. I just don't believe in fighting the ladies. And besides its grossly unfair to ask the ladies to choose .

But what really upset me is the rumours he spread about SWEET Kipepeo! That was low down and I cant apologise enough for Nicks cowardly behaviour of dragging her into this war. Kipepeo take it from me.. Nick was lying - I said you had beautiful hair. The rest is his imagination.

I was also truly touched when I saw what our good friend NicK been reduced to doing by the "Nyeri chapter". I know we all feel for him. He deserves a break in order to work hard and repay that 2 million he owes. The above picture of him on a rickshaw was taken outside parliament buildings yesterday evening.

He sent back his own emissary has telling me that he has accepted the ceasefire offer. The sign language and chest thumping was a little difficult to deceipher but luckily I managed.

From the sign of things,I am sure this but a lull in the many battles that we shall continue to wage against each other.



Milonare said...


1st here again...

Blue, When do we get to hear what happened to Wangu beneath that fig/mugumo tree???

Guessaurus said...

Ahhh (breathing a sigh of relief) now at least we have ceasefire. The blows coming from all over the place were giving me fright - seeing that I am somewhere among the flailings and toy soldiering... hmmm.

Hi Milo - yeah yeah, tell him, we need to know what happened to that Wangu.

Poi said...

Yup! now that the war is over Blue we need to know if 'dethemba' came to be..lol

Msanii_XL said...

ha ha you underestimated nicko.

btw what happened to the follow ups you promised? the kwani and the mugumo tree story

Luna said...

a welcome peace :-)

now wats this Wangu, mugumo tree storo?

Medusa said...

Blue..what??No way...you must've listended to your inner kikuyu..
I'm with poi..lets get back to the 'detheba' storo man..
ps; I just pulled a koroga...yap, its slap yo-mama good.

sandman said...

why why why, I was waiting for you to pull a katortoise like move and reinstate your position as the only eater of the gizard up in hurr!

kipepeo said...

aaaawww. its over! enyewe these things bout my hair must stop! But good to know there is peace at last in our blog republic! So....when do we hear the continuation bout the mugumo tree stories? come on papa smurf. we're all waiting!

Mshairi said...

Is this a call for a ceasefire or surrender? Sure looks like surrender to me:)

nick said...

@mshairi:tell him auntie

I have officially decided to accept your white flag and temporarily hold a cease fire.
I also apologize for refferin to ur butt as a slab of meat with an axe wound!

I thank all my supporters, and all 2 of yours...you were/and are trully a worthy oponent-loved the pics i must admit...and i cant wait to duel with you again!

So until we meet again on the warground-peace be unto you

Farmgal said...

papa smurf at least we are even with nick's camp. mmmhhh sasa where are you taking us next? please finish your storo under that tree

Blue Poet said...

@ MILO - Wangu of the fig tree is coming back real soon.
@Guess- I know i vowed to him and spit him out but that PYT is a tough cookie. Wangu real soon.
@Poi- Dethemba is nigh!!!
@Msanii- It was easy fighting Nick- its when all you brothers came to his aid and left me with all the ladies!!
@Luna- Thanx... Please see previous posts to read about Wangu of the fig tree.
@ Medusa... psssss- watch this space- Nick wont know what hit him- alls fair in .... and war- watch me love now.
@Sandman- fat lady aint done singing yet!
@Kipepeo- girl if you had lice- theyd be beautifull too!! - Wangu of the fig tree coming soon.
@ Mshairi- Will you Marry Me!
@Farmgal- keep it here- it can only get better.


Please dont get a wrong sense of victory into your head. That was but one of the battles in the war. Wars are fought on different fronts kijana. BTW I have proposed to your aunt!!!!- Alls fair isnt it?
How better to finish an enemy!!!


gishungwa said...

amid the proposals , i n being the number iam when i say wangu and dethemba should resurface due to public demand.
As for the blog war now now the ceasefire ok if you both insist.

msangimdogo said...

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

nick said...

kijana...oops where are my manners...mzee-whats this you proposing to my aunt?
Surprisingly if she accepts your arthritic self and all i will gladly walk her down the aisle myself and be proud to call you Uncle Blue!...and dont forget the MEDIA coverage is on ME!!!!

Farmgal said...

Is this war truly over (ref @blue & nick's comments)

@mshairi what say you? I hope you're gonna say yes!

iamnasra said...

Its been awhile since I visited your blog..

My nephew is so into spider ...


Milonare said...

By the way Blue...

Are you guys writing your customized wedding vows???

I'm sure they will be the bomb coming from the both so talented you and Mshairi...


Who is on your lineup? Nick?

Wambui said...

The pictures are fantastic! The underhanded proposal even better. So now, what happened to Wangu...somehow I doubt this war is over, esp with Mshairi stirring...ROTFLAMO

@G - toy soldiering...LOL!

UARIDI said...

I say, what is going on here? I am confused!!!