I love captions. I have collected a few pictures from google images and added captions to them. Its amazing what different people see when they see the same pictures. Lets all humour each other with these. Please include your captions in your comments. Label them Picture#1- Picture#6.

Have a laugh.


I swear sweetheart theres more in the bank!

Ladies you can only have one of us for xmas... Please choose.

Nick looks so funny chest thumping! heeee heeee heee.

See! It isnt hard we can do it too!

Up yours! If your prick wasnt this big i'd hit you over the head with it!

How to make sure a bloke stops to help you change a flat tyre.


Guessaurus said...

Blue, you are soo naughty... I love captions too. Let me see if I can do them some justice!!!

Picture #1: Goddamn, I can fit this whole ward of notes in.

Pic #2: Ho ho ho, no need for "Pigs in Blankets" (google image that) for Xmas this year!

Pic #3: *Preceeded by mad giggling* - That Kamba dude thought we were Chameleons, that we would change colour to yellow if he left us here long enough!!!

Pic #4: I swear women do this too! No? Ah well, they should!

Pic #5: I dare you, say anything and I will let everyone know that your d* is this big!

Pic #6: This inflated chest sure is a lifesaver! I woulda been crushed by this car otherwise!

Milonare said...


#1 Guess! What are you doing here? Here is some bus fare... The guys back in Mathare miss you...

*much love guess, those miguuz rock*

#2 Nimestunya... Ebu cheki hizi migopero... Uskajali. Uko na first body! Niaje dem??

#3 Look at those silly monkeys staring at us...

#4 I wonder what I'll shake when I finish?

#5 If only it was as long as your hair, not this finger...

#6 Pull up to my bumper baby...

sandman said...


#1.Toa….toa ! Wait is that a baby’s head?

#2.Gay club my ass ! Look how manly we all look.

#3.I knew she’d be impressed by the size of my banana, I’m getting some monkey love tonight!

#4.I don’t know where those rumors that I have a dick started!

#5.Look, have you ever seen a booger this big?

#6.All these men just standing around. I wonder why none of them is helping me?

nick said...

ata mimi nita try:
1.The roof- the roof- the roof is on fire...we don't need no water let the mother#@#@ burn! Burn baby burn!!

2.Men-United Club????

3.Nick to Blue: smile to the cameras and get that finger off your crimson ass!!!!

4.No one told me this was easier this way...and no need to shake to dry!

5.Latifah to Hor-Hay! if i remember the actual quote was: "you can take your job and shove it bitch!"

To which he said "your gonna fall flat on your ass!"

She replied" Well i have lots of cushion(tappin it) wanna kiss it? didnt think so!"

6.Honey, do u want me to lift it some more?

Jay said...

Eh, I'll be back! Bloody hot weather has stifled my brain!