Sensuality Barometer By The Blue Poet

My brother read my post ‘For the Kamba in Me’ and I think he was horrified. I can picture him reading my post and muttering to himself,” Big bro has lost his marbles! “ Well l have not lost them, at least not all of them- yet. He then coined a name for me- The Blue Poet. That I like - somewhat because the colour blue is a nice colour and brings to mind many things (and yes pornography is one of them).

To more serious matters now. I put a tag at the end of the poem but in hindsight I feel I should have used the word Sensuality instead of Sexuality. Sexuality refers to (in the context of my post) the concern with or interest in sexual activity. What I had in mind was the quality or state of being sensual. I was more interested in seeing how my fellow bloggers reacted to stimulation (yes sexual!)

I will now proceed to rate all of you who visited my blog on a scale of 2 to 12 (don't ask why 2 instead of 1.) I know you will all hate me but the truth must be told…. And here it is for the world to see! Sorry folks. There is a lot of room for improvement!!!!

As I am the poet and the author of the poem I award myself --- 10 points

Nick and Guess tie for second place with ---- 8 points

Medusa and Farmgal are a close third with --- 7 ½ points

Kipepeo comes in a close fourth with ----- 7 points

Prousette, Wanduma, Shiro and Mshairi get ----- 6 points

Msanii_xl ------ 2.85 points

Aikey---------------------------------------6.86 points
Ms K----------------------------------------8.01 points

Bloggers who visited and didn’t comment were awarded ------ 2 points

Key: White – not sensual ------------- 2 points
Green- Timid/shy ------------- 3 points
Purple- Interested -------------- 5-6 points
Blue - Warming up ------------ 7-8 points
Yellow – Steaming up ------------- 9- 9 1/2
Red- Kambas and French -------- 10-12 points

Ratings are continuous so please log on for the latest. Feel free to comment and improve you rating!!!!

Kudos to my blog friend Nick for showing me the way to easily post photos. Thanx Nick ehhh...Sorry for your rating!!!


mshairi said...

Great post & loving the Sensuality Barometer...

Having said that, I can't believe I only managed 6 points - I demand a recount! My only consolation is that colour of my points range is PURPLE and also that I am not alone in that range;)

Farmgal said...

so its true what they say about Kaoz?(10 points???!!) i dont know how i got to score such high should prolly explain how you arrived there...

Prousette said...

6 points only. How did I manage to fail so hard?
You ACTUALLY have a barometer for this. Btw tell us more about the stuff we hear about Kao men and women.Fabrication or true?

kipepeo said... i u didnt, infact,u actually need to chang the barometer to read kamba's, french and ....kipepeo...shucks almost revealed my true name there...ok, so share which is this thing u use to put up pictures? i cant get my pics in the middle of my post!! they only come at the top!! tsk tsk..but all in all, another great post...uv got me hooked.

nick said...

first and foremost am glad it worked ok and ur welcome....

as for the rating am ok-
1.i love me some blue
2.i beat the others ha ha ha ha...

hakuna cha recount-woiye msanii must not be amused.

So can we officially call u the blue poet?!

UARIDI said...

Orange iko wapi? Isn't this one of your fav. colours?

I am not being rated - people will have heart attacks.

Msanii_XL said...

*jumping up down stomping his feet*I demand a recount..LOL(nico you read my mind)...Kukekamba sneaky is the operative word..LOL. my I should just be an enuch then

Farmgal said...

enyewe msanii lets switch places. this post is hilarious!

Medusa said...

So, er..should I send that cheque addressed to "blue poet" ama "sensual kukekamba"? ;)

akiey said...

I think this Blue Poet name fits you like a glove! Ok, since I didn't get to the post early enough to show my feelings for it, do I still get a high rating (note: am sidestepping all demanding a recount,lol!) since I speak French? Yeah, am playing stupid here assuming the French are listed becoz of the language & not their sensuality.

Ms K said...

Heh heh heh and me I score what?

And why are people being so cagey? What do people say about kaos? Say it out loud, pengine mimi sijui.

Loved the poem, especially because it's about about one of my favourite pasttimes. And the style is realy cool.

PS, I dare you to fail me!! Heh heh heh

Blue Poet said...

Well Well!!!
It's nice to see that everyone is getting in touch with their sensual side! I am still slightly disappointed that a few bloggers choose to remain in their closets:- Sunflower,Kinyi,Milonare,MJY,Kaeretu,Superflyshi and MKM amongst others.

@Mshairi- Show cause for a recount!
@Farmgal- Mmmmmmmmmmm told me you were out of words(or breath!) or both. I could see you visualise!
@Prousette- coming soon "WHAT KAMBA MEN KNOW AND OTHER MEN DONT"- Watch this space!!!
@Kipepeo- I will frwd you the email Nick sent me.. I am sure it will help. As for advice- practice makes perfect... there's still hope to make it to an 8 or 9!!!
@ Nick- said like a true Kikuyu- comfortable with his sexuality- no need for improvement!!.. My kuke side feels you bro.. pole!!!
@Uaridi- I need your take on the poem.... but I can detect that you are warm!
@Medussa- My Kuke side is tempted to accept your Kitu Kidogo- but hey- no cheques!!!
@Msanii- You still havent commented on the Poem!!! NO Recount- in fact I am afraid that if I do I may have to move you down maybe to 2.2 or 2- :) :)
@Ms K - Favourite passtime!!! Now you talking!!

Thanx all for being such sports!!!
Aikey gets a 6.9 rating for sidestepping the comments and thinking that language is a key indicator- Please be informed that we are a talking about 'art'here!

Ms K - She my friends has made an entry in the blue zone!!! Makofi tafadhali!!!


Guessaurus said...

Oh brother :) - I got more than you all *dancing around like an idiot* - does it mean if I really email you how I felt about it I might get a 10.5?
PS: not asking for a recount, just a second chance.

How about if everybody just comes back for a second chance, no shy people allowed, just everybody who can, say what they feel and add something and then the barometer is reset?

Any takers...? - ok, no war around here, even for the high achieving Ms K.

kipepeo said...

id appreciate it if u would do me the favor of mailing me nicks email.u'll find my email link on my blog. thanks blue

gishungwa said...

whats with the kamba vibe.. To solve all this theory lets have a few witnesses stories of poeple hwo have been there....
2 points not bad will aim higher

M said...

Tumekawia lakini tumefika -- where do i fall?

Milonare said...

I'm so late here it hurts!! And given the recent events I'm kinda sure that there'll be some rigging but what the heck...

Blue, what do you imagine I was doing with all the ladies in that ka-closet?? I think it deserves a 9 min'mum!!

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