For the Kamba in Me

Mellow music dancing rubbing
Cuddling romance perfume cologne mingling
Holding talking laughing smiling teasing
Arousing slow tempting snuggling touching fondling
Shoes shirts buttons zips belts discard
Flesh body touching soft hair chest fingers

Sharp fast
Quick excited breaths
Pounding racing leaping heart
Hands here there everywhere
Wet hot mouths moving roaming searching
Kissing licking nibbling famished ravenous

Breasts full taut pointing wanting inviting
Sensitive fingers caressing kneading hands
Sweet heavenly sensation higher rising higher
Needing wanting longing waiting sweating
Pleasing gratifying stirring

Hard firm solid intense strong powerful throbbing sweet agonizing
Thrusting plunging deep rising shallow rhythmic regular
Anticipation expectation hope holding off eager wait
Words terms endearment baby please faster stop almost
There good nice again together more unified don't stop that’s it

Bursting pleasure building release swinging arching tension
Warm… glowing colours … slow pure…circles
Pulsating joy, which is limitless in peace quiet moments
Waves on the beach…. tranquil sea rising and falling
Feathers ever so soft flying floating in the air
Nerves full of feeling tingling falling
Laughter suppressed calmness settling
Smiles thoughts memories
Tender dreams

I was tempted to write this in celebration of an act that is held dear by most people. Some of you may think it is crude, unfit for publication or downright degrading. I feel that the way you react to it will be a true reflection of your sexuality or lack of.


Prousette said...

I shall refrain from saying too much. It is an exciting poem without being too graphic .

mshairi said...

I like this lovely erotic poem. It is like a dance that starts off slow and then gets faster at the end.

Medusa said...

Hmmm. Thanks for stirring me up this odd Tuesday morning.
Longing aching yearning soon.

wanduma said...

Ai! Ok, I can handle a little blue poetry...

Msanii_XL said...

@wanduma...there is blue poetry? lol

Blue Poet said...

Thanx. Lets remember whats not said speaks volumes.
Just trying out a different style. its remarkable how totally disconnected words can conjure such vivid detail. I tried reading it out loud... it didn't work. Sounded lots better when you just read it silently.. the mind adds the missing words easily. Thanx
Thanx for stopping by. Enjoy your Steamy Tuesday!
LOL - Blue Poetry!!!!
I missed the comment as to what you thought about it! Thanx for stopping by.

kipepeo said...

wow, another great piece. i love the fact that they are just words, disjointed words, but so beautifully give meaning to each other without being too explicit. its great!

nick said...

you are gifted thats for sure...as i wipe my brow and regain regular breathing. LOL 'blue' poetry.its like legal porn! its erotic, sensual, graphic...perfect!!!! can't wait "for the Kuke in Me" now

P.S speakin of kuke-am stealin the clock thingy i love it!!!

Shiroh said...

What do i say.

Guessaurus said...

Hmm hmm hmm. Am I allowed to explain myself here. Damn, that took me places. Thanks for the lovely way you put this... I'm amazed that something like that can be put into words. Everything was there, everything :)

Farmgal said...

hmmm hmmm hmmmmmmmmmmmm nice!

UARIDI said...

Oh dear, I am so shy - if my hot chocolate coloured skin could show blushing, I would be bright orange.

I like the last four lines