Tell me, someone, please tell me why I am here.
What is that purpose mine that I seek
These distractions are so loud; please whisper to me the secret
The directions so I find my way
My candle flickers in the storm making uneasy shadows that confuse me
Light me a path with your lantern so I may see where I go
I fear I might be lost.
Can you hear me?

Tell me again, old friend, tell me why I am here.
Am I here really just to cheer, to applaud those that stand out?
To see pictures of them in Time, Forbes and Newsweek.
Patience that’s what you say, relax your time will come
How, pray tell me, will I know the knock- will it be loud?
Please tell me that I will hear it.
Are you there?

While I refuse to be part of the furniture wanting to be recognised
Like millions everywhere I know not what to say; what to do
Is there that niche for me here or am I in it with those millions
I long to leave that mark for which I will be remembered?
That cant be too much to ask for
Is anyone there?

Tell me, my love, please tell me why I am here.
What do I tell our children when they ask what I don’t know
Do I tell them we are here because we are here or do I tell them?
The birds were made for song and the flowers pretty
The bees for honey and the fruits for food the clouds for rain.
That is the question I fear most.
Are you with me?

Tell me, dear God, please tell me why I am here
What must I do to be told the truth
It wasn’t by accident that you put me here- or was it?
A life lived well you want,
But surely there’s got to be something to show
I am not asking for the burning bush
But only you have the answers that I need.
How do I make the most of all these lemons
When you know I hate lemonade?
I know you hear me.


MMK said...

Nice. Do you like Charles Baudelaire? There is something dark in your poem, and I think if you have not looked at Baudelaire you will be in for a treat.

Here is a link to his Les Fleurs du mal - The Flowers of Evil: http://www.fleursdumal.org/ and http://www.veinotte.com/baudelaire/

BTW, I trust that you will at some point read some of your poetry at a Kwani meet. The launch of issue 3 is on Thursday 14th at Carnivore, 8pm.

Mshairi said...

I like this poem. It starts of on a fairly despondent tone but then changes just as it finishes - I had a 'laugh aloud' moment at the end when you wrote about not liking lemonade.

Prousette said...

Lovely,thoughtful poem.
And thanks for passing by my place.

Jay said...

I love this poem. Mostly because I've been grappling with this question myself for a while now. So much that now I'm thinking maybe my purpose was to ask that question over and over and over....

I don't know, but when you figure it out, maybe you'll let me in on the secret.

Meanwhile, how about lemon chicken??!!

UARIDI said...

It is our task in life to seek. Siku mmoja we shall know. Even as one why is answered, another pops up.

Like your poetry.