How does one moderate his dislike for extremists and all that they supposedly stand for? I hold my breath waiting for someone to explain to me in plain and simple English (or any other language for that matter) how the killing of innocent people can right whatever wrongs they feel have been committed against them. How is it even conceivable that one human being can have so much hate directed against a person he or she has never even met? I do not profess to have any answers but on my part, the blame lies squarely on the leadership. It is leadership that consistently fails us in the pursuit for social harmony and a peaceful coexistence. Yes!! It is my conviction that terrorists should be shot and the liberties of suspected fanatics should be restricted. To hell with their civil rights!

I stand to be corrected but I believe that the message in all humanities “Holy Books” and teachings, almost without exception, preach universal harmony and peace. It is the twisted interpretations of leaders that constantly pit us against each other. These leaders that we all allow to be our guides and believe are our links to the ‘thereafter’ are the real criminals. They continually teach hatred for one simple reason. They have knowledge that if you create a channel for sentiment and manage to focus it, your followers will be blind to your faults and weaknesses. There are few sentiments as strong as hatred. Just as the soldier does not make the evil regime, extremism is not the making of the terrorist.

The targets for revenge should not be women and children and the innocent. If that is done then the avenger is no better than the terrorist. Bombs and missiles need not be unleashed on villages and towns in Afghanistan and Iran but instead we need to see a concerted effort to deny the leaders of fanatical groupings the tools spread this hatred.
The radio and television stations that claim to be neutral but are openly pro hate and provide airtime to these leaders should be put off air permanently:- bomb them if need be. Places of worship need to remain just that. The pulpits and the Mosques have been desecrated by those who are supposed to protect them. Way too much space has been given hell raisers and hate mongers.

In light of recent events this may seem targeted at our Muslim brothers. But it is not. I am against all violence perpetrated against those with an unequal ability to defend themselves. Whether it be tribal conflict in Rwanda, regional fighting in Sudan, terrorists in Israel, Israeli troops in the West Bank or terrorists in the streets of London. These leaders have got to be stopped.

Hate me! But that is the way I feel.


Mshairi said...

I am unable to either articulate or comprehend our capacity as human beings to be cruel.

Here in London, the search for 'missed loved ones' i.e. women, children and innocent continues.

BBC NEWS | England | London | Search for missing loved ones

MMK said...

I like the honesty of your anger, there is indeed little that can justify the killing of folks on buses because someone has some political 'anger'. And if that is the route that the terrorists want to travel down, then by all means they should be fought with fire. I used to believe in all that stuff about people becoming terrorists because they had been forced into it, but now I am no longer sure.