Joyous Solitude

The Silence is
Deep, gentle, caressing your spirit
Rinsing away your worries ushering in
Calm like a soft breeze through trees.
Adrift you move feeling freedom in you wings

The peace you feel
Of being alone; at one
With all things beautiful, magical;
You cry that painless tear of joy
Afloat in the ecstasy of serenity

The stability makes
Firm and immovable your soul
Like the centre of a gyroscope
Surrounded by the tossing turning
The turmoil of everyday

The book you read
At your hearts own pace
Sometimes lost in it; at times your mind
Roams away from it; to other things
Not so simple and back to the book
To the solitude that keeps you sane.

Someone,who at this present time shall remain anonymous, asked me to write and post a poem on solitude. I have deep feelings for quiet moments and I hope we can all relate to this.


Renee Wagemans said...

This is so beautiful

the poet should not be anonymous!


iamnasra said...

Loved so much the poem...please let us know in whch blog we can read she/he is work of peotry...

Thank you so much for dropping by at my blog

Blue Poet said...

Soory all.
What I meant is that a friend whose name I choose not to give, asked me to write and post a poem on solitude. She's a great poet and this is dedicated to her.

UARIDI said...

That is so good. Everyone should have moments, days, months and even years of solitude. It grows the soul and heals the spirit.