A Cry of Hope?

Today I feel the loss
That I will feel everyday from now on
A cherished friend lost in the woods of words
Out of no fault of our own but in the complexity
Of fears; the unknown loomed larger than life
Extinguishing the flame of promise

There are not enough tears
The heart could not ache worse
As I sit here still watching those letters
Forming words that burn in my mind
Punching holes in the boat that is drifting
Further and further away

It would be easy to point fingers and say
Had it not been for the intensity
Had it not been for the memories of pain
Tomorrow could have become what yesterday falsely promised

Selfishly I feel my hurt is worse than yours
All the emotion canned inside me
Life is coldly unfair; harshly unreasonable
Showing glimpses of dreams then it says no
Isn’t it insane that what is good is not always best?

I choose to whisper through the rain of tears
Calling out your name sure that you long for my voice
Afraid though that I might open old wounds healed by pain
Yet I cling to the hope that I will hear yours
To rekindle that ember that will always glow

I will keep it aglow foolishly in the belief that
A feeling so good cannot be wasted or wrong
Knowing that you feel as I
Both of us whimpering
Moaning for that day
That our twin sparks will ignite another moment
That I miss ohhh so much


Shiroh said...

Is it something that you feel or just hope.

Blue Poet said...

I feel

joani said...

wow wow wow

I love this poem, and the two before it! But I like this one the best. Keep up the good writing :)


good writing. i am really enjoying this.

Poi said...

Wow! I really love the poem, ope that one day comes for sure to reunite you and ignite the fire in both of you.

Keep writing. Loving your blog...

kipepeo said...

oh my goodness, i can actually feel this. this blog is slowly becoming an addiction. keep it up.

Prousette said...

This is a very intense poem, very nice.

Blue Poet said...

I know its odd but isn't hope as strong a feeling as any?
Thanx for popping by and for liking my poems.
Your name sounds like mine!
Thanx. I drop by yours daily. Excellent reading
Thanx for visiting- nothing encourages one more than knowing someone out there is listening. But for you to feel- that is a bonus!! Thanx

nick said...

makofi makofi and a standin ovation!
i would love to see this one recited out loud