My fingers are itching to go and I feel a sense of anticipation of the release I am about to get. Sort of like the feeling you get when it dawns on you that your attempt to give up smoking has failed dismally and you are about to light up for the first time in three days!!! That kind of feeling. Over the last couple of weeks I haven’t written much of anything save for a couple of comments on a few blogs. I was touched by the desperation I read on a blog recently that reminded me of the people I know that have contemplated suicide. Suicide is too final. I urge all to take care hang in there.

My heart is
As I surrender to
The pressures of today
Hoping that tomorrow will be easier
Knowing that I cannot wish my problems away
Blinded by my tears of hopelessness I look for a way out of this mess

I see them all, some big, some fading
Some are grown others just born
Maturing quickly to haunt me; unrelenting
They are mine; these problems
How am I expected to handle them alone?

IN the timeline of life I see my future
Paraded before me is what could have been
I saw that problems starting out larger than life
With each passing day they grow smaller
They joys of success of grandchildren and a richness of life

AS my soul floats away leaving my body in the bath crimson strings in water
Slowly but surely emptying this sad life into the tub Leaving
An empty shell that held so much promise
So many lost chances
I missed a lot
Should’ve waited

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Mshairi said...

The preamble is as interesting as the poem. However, the poem is sad, sad!