The Stain of Loving

Bittersweet has always been the taste of love
The ache and the glow are equal partners
Love ought to be measured by the good feelings rather than by the hurt.

Love is related to hurt and they spend a lot of time together
It is said that while Love is the stronger of the two
Pain is never far off, forever within earshot
It will manifest itself in jealousy falsehoods and mistrust

Love is like that overripe fruit dripping with sweetness
That no matter how hard you try it will drip from the corners of your mouth
And soil the new shirt you wear; leaving the stain.

Armed with experiences of other people we forge ahead in life
Looking for love…. Mostly in the wrong places
When found it holds promise but still proves elusive to tame
Hurting ourselves is a lesson that teaches us that love is the healer

In attempting to harness the glow ; it will suffocate
Transferring its life energy to the cousin making it
Grow stronger, weaving a shield around your heart.

Take courage, bite into the fruit with wild abandon
Celebrate the sweetness with the knowledge
That the fabric of life is a collection that cannot be complete
Without a little stain of loving. A little stain of pain.


Mshairi said...

This is a lovely poem, a little sad, a little poignant and yet hopeful.

Blue Poet said...

What does one do when a Queen recognises her subject? I kneel down Mshairi,I kneel down.
Thanx for visiting.

Blue Poet said...

I originally posted this as a comment to one of farmgals posts.. In all fairness I think it should be read with her post in mind.

Jay said...

I love that line - a little stain of loving.

How very beautiful and very true.

Thanks for stopping by mine.

Farmgal said...

hey Kuke... i see you have already done this as a post so there will be no need for me to. this is beautifully done.

Blue Poet said...

I know I need to get away from writting sad stuff. Thanx for visiting.
@Msk- Thanx for the visit... loved your blog too.
@Farmgal- Thanx for liking it and welcome to my blog. Keep visiting. hope the loving isnt too hard