In my minds eye I expected Nick to be a geek. You know- the dense bifocals, zits all over his face, shifty restless eyes and a Jackson 5 Afro.

I expected him to be short, plumb wearing oversized, sagging trousers and carrying a duffel bag filled with an assortment of toys, CDs , laptop spares, palmtop and flash disks.

I expected Nick to be shy, fidgety and two come with a couple of geek friends posing as bodyguards.

I expected him to drive to our meeting place in a dilapidated VW, which he wishes was an antique.

I expected Nick to order for his hot milk and Fanta and pay for it- and then offer me a drink and pay for it too.

Was I disappointed?

Find out SOON!!!


kipepeo said...

enough with all the suspense...we want to hear all the dirt!!!!

Prousette said...

Toboa kabisa we need all - bar none. I hope there are no broken bones and er.. teeth involved.

Guessaurus said...

You guys arent being fair - do we need to get Mshairi to come and get it out of you, over her knee? (Blue might enjoy it, so I think she might pass :)

Let me tell you, some of those disappointments are true... just let me know what you think!

@Nick - oooooooohhhhhhhhh - does this mean the ceasefire is permanent, or did you guys have to be separated by the milkshake police?

UARIDI said...

Waiting for the dirt - did you take pictures?

Milonare said...

Ati hot milk and fanta?? hehehehe

Shifty, restless eyes behind dense bifocals struggling to distingush btwn hot milk and fanta... LOLOLOL

Welcome back Blue... Cant wait to see where this goes LOLOLOLOL

UARIDI said...

Aside from that, tell us of your travels. I missed you

Nakeel said...

Welcome back Blue butdo us a favour as you tell about meeting my Bro 3 Nick, dont ferget about the rivers you crossed and all the pics we are waiting...

wanduma said...

Good to see you back! Details and pictures of the trip please.

Poi said...

Yup trully Uncle enaff w/all the suspense rides we want to hear, tell, tell!

But, eisshh those expectations are just hilarious, hihiihihi

akiey said...

Welcome Blue, you were missed big time!
It's just the intro but already in stitches,LOL! ati bifocals & duffel bag full of gadgets,Nick & a couple of nerdy looking friends, etc, I know I pictured him differently & I'll be disappointed if you proove me wrong.

@Prousette, you made my day with the 'no broken bones and er.. teeth involved'
@Guess, LOL@ 'did you guys have to be separated by the milkshake police?'

Ditto everybody...Blue remember to tell & show pic from the trip out of town.

Farmgal said...

whats with the suspense?
Dish the dirt!

spicebear said...

duffel bag full of toys and other assorted things ... lol! hurry up and post, the anxiety is nerve wracking!

gishungwa said...

welcome back blue, your abscence was truly felt.Now out with the dirt and even pics to support the story. in the words of proussete toboa kabisa.
what that noise?, Is that your bones shaking in your boots LMAO