Why shouldn’t I cry????

In this Darkness, how does one find what is true?
What is expected, which way to go?
Isn’t it sad that we all believe in something powerful pure and good
Yet we just watch as we Kill and maim and children starve
Can’t we find a way of relief, to end the pain, the torture and cause laughter?
To brighten the days and put smiles on those faces

At birth brightness- pure and love are all around;
Then it comes slowly year after year
As we grow older it swallows up the joy of living;
This darkness brings with it the despair of all our unfulfilled dreams.
It should matter not where one was born;
What religion one is taught?
Deep down we all know that a laugh is a laugh,
Pain is pain for all the worlds’ races.

HE watches over us,
Allowing us daily to confuse ourselves with our free will
Whilst others in Churches, Mosques and other places holy
Follow teachings that relate to those long gone;
Writings that are interpreted in many a differing way
Fanatics from each group; force others to sing praises.

Others will kidnap and execute;
Blow up buildings; kill the innocent- all in HIS name.
They all profess doing it for HIM and for that a reservation is theirs in heaven.
We glorify those that do these evil deeds;
Showering them with attention- nightly on television these scenes are hurled at us.
Yet there are pockets of good;
Caged all over the world like clearings in a jungle-
Shouldn’t it be evil and not good that we keep in these cages?

Surely there has to be some reason why the light dims and leaves us only with fear;
The Maker surely must have a grand plan to bring back the light; the fun
They tell us to have faith
That His ways are mysterious
But still; The Grim Reapers he waits - hiding in shadows,
His weapon ready and sharp
Laughing as he paces.

Why, tell me, why shouldn’t I cry?
Lucas N. Ndolo 2004

Amber with a golden hue, that moment that transfixes my feelings
Weaving memories with senses; entwining the past and the present
Moving my mind into that realm where I can stargaze in the day….
Where harsh sounds are softened and the breeze is filled with scent…
The scent of flowers remembered and tunes of sweet songs long forgotten.

Suddenly I am elated; for another verse has come to mind
Snippets of lyrics are laced with snapshots of places and people I vaguely recall.
With a heavy heart and a broken song that repeats itself I watch the sun
Sinking ever so slowly as if in slow motion waiting for someone to press pause…

Though I’m sad; singing the new lyrics lifts my spirits today
Foolishly I long for this moment to last a while longer and I want to run….
To chase after the sun, knowing very well that the horizon will win like it did yesterday.
I wonder whether tomorrow will bring forth these very same feelings

Was that the chorus I wonder as the sun winks and darkness starts to creep in from
Behind the horizon; or was another song trapped in the memories of yesteryear?

L.N. Ndolo 2004


Well used is the road that I walk;
For all humanity walks it.
The paths branching from the road are many
The forest keeps moving quickly;
Slowing down for no one.
I live with the choices that I make;
The audience of one nods…

The forest that is life jogs past me on either side,
I am awed by the splendour of the things that I see.
The future I see rushing towards me,
Bringing forth new species.
Like each tree and each plant the experiences are varied.
Some of these will make me weep,
Some will make me rejoice
The audience of one claps…

The birds and animals play the score
As directed by an invisible conductor
Who also plants the trees,
Sweetens the fruits and ensures that all is in harmony
He puts you on the path at youth
Watches as you fumble through the forest;
Hurting yourself occasionally and
Many a time taking the wrong path.
The audience of one sympathizes……

The forest is slowing down now
The paths branching off the road are fewer
Choices are fewer and clearer;
There is very little that is new under the sun
As it sets a bright light appears at the distance
I wonder what lies at the end.
Only the conductor knows what is coming.
The audience of one smiles……..

Most of us can only guess what awaits us
While others use the road proclaiming faith
For others destiny and fate is what they believe in
The movie of life draws to a closeThe audience of one sighs………..


Mshairi said...

Your poems are beautiful. The Sunset and the Song touches the soul.

Blue Poet said...

Ahsante Mshairi. I was sort of getting cold feet about posting them. I am glad you like them.